How Yoga Helps Our Body, Mind and the Soul

Yoga is a word originated from the Sanskrit Language and it simply means “to join, to unite”. Since ancient times when there was no availability of any medical treatment, there were other ways to stay fit and alleviate health problems. Yoga to us is gifted by our ancestors. The real purpose of yoga is not just a solution to a health problem but also to train our body and mind to become self observed and aware of our own nature. Yoga lets us realise the real “Who we are”.
Today in this post, we are going to discuss about the changes that Yoga does to our body.

How Yoga Helps Our Body

Unlike bodybuilding, Yoga not just enhances the outer beauty of our body, but it helps us internally as well. It makes our immunity better, is beneficial for our different organs for proper working, soothes out mind and fills it with positivity, makes our body flexible and even may be helpful in alleviating diseases like Alzheimer, Diabetes and even some types of Cancers. There are proven scientific researches that ensure how Yoga can affect our body positively. There are more than thousands of yoga postures and each posture is dedicated to cure a specific or even multiple problems.

Maintains Weight

If you’re an overweight person looking to lose some inches then Yoga can definitely help you. All you need to do is spare some time for practicing yoga postures on regular basis. If you can’t be regular, then doing Yoga will be useless. Some of the weight losing postures that you should do are Crescent (Firms abs, hips, and thighs), Willow (Firms sides of abs), Rocking Boat (Firms abs and back), Hover (Firms shoulders, arms, abs, and back), Chair (Firms butt and thighs).

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

In this life full of stress, Yoga can be your stress relieving buddy. Practising Yoga for a few minutes a day can help you cope with stress and anxiety. Not just that, it gives the much needed energy to your mind to handle difficult situations in easy way. You feel energetic, relaxed, calmer and more productive at your work.
For Immunity
Often seasonal changes are the main cause of a disturbed immunity. Besides, other factors may include altered food patterns, stress, and a hectic lifestyle. Low immunity is also the reason for indigestion. When practised in routine, Yoga has the power to alleviate all these problems and boost immunity.
Yoga helps improve immunity power by strengthening muscles and releasing stress, which is the main cause of such ailments. If you’re the one suffering from low immunity problem, try these Yoga exercises and we’re sure they will help you.

For Mental Wellness

Practicing yoga regularly relaxes and stimulates the brain. As a result, your brain energy increases, the memory improves, and it becomes multitasking and more flexible to cope with stress. Stress simply stays away with yoga in life and when there is no stress in your life, you sleep better, stay fit mentally and make a peaceful every day.

Fights Food Cravings

Yoga is all about breath control exercises and asanas (postures). Many studies suggest that yoga also helps
individuals going through eating disorders by making aware the physical and emotional senses associated with eating. Practicing yoga regularly powers the connection between our mind and the body. This helps us to cope with the situations of food cravings by slowing us down and make better choices.

Detoxifies Our Body

When we practice yoga, muscles and joints are stretched. Besides that, our organs are massaged. Here, yoga ensures the complete supply of blood to every single part of our body which results in toxin flush out and provides nourishment as well. This lead to an improved level of energy, delays ageing and makes the life better.

Increases Concentration and Focus

Focus and concentration are the two important factors responsible for productivity. The individuals lacking power of these both are actually those who are weak at study and their work. Yoga since ancient has been a proven way to
increase the concentration and focus. The various Yoga postures are effective physically as well as mentally and the ones helpful for uplifting concentration and focus are Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, Bhramari Prayanama, Kapal Bharti Prayanama, Bhastrika Prayanama, Brahma Mudra and Gyaan Mudra. All these words are taken from the Sanskrit language.

If done regularly, these postures have enhanced effects on our body. Besides, other factors for lack of concentration involves disturbed food patterns so we must also work on those.

Check out the following Youtube video by The Health Nerd channel, talking about he various benefits  of Yoga on health.