Exercises for Height Increasing

Every person wants to get a perfect height and figure. So, it’s important to know the good things that would help you to manage the desired height. Some easy exercises can be practised that can give you the opportunity to achieve the desired height. For some people growth hormones won’t work properly and it’s said that after one reaches the age of 18 he/she stops growing. But with some exercises you can grow a few inches even after puberty. Also, you should follow a proper diet and lifestyle in order to maximise the results in real time. Usually we know that fruits and vegetables help you to lose weight but they can even aid you to increase your height as well.

Exercises to Practise

Along with foods, exercise is also necessary. The popular exercises, which you can practise are:

Jumping Workouts

Jumping exercises are the good option where your spine gets stretched and helps in increasing height in an effective manner. It also improves the blood supply to your bones increasing the bone density and thus your growth hormones are stimulated. The squat jumps, vertical jumps, spot jumps are the suitable ones that would aid you to grow with a good height making your dreams come true. You can also join an outdoor game which involves frequent jumping such as Basketball, Volleyball

Cobra Stretch

Cobra Stretch is another nice exercise helping you to increase height. It’s a simple posture and won’t make your body gets too much stressed. First, you need to stretch out the spine elongating your body experiencing the desired results. It tones the back muscles, abdomen and even stretches the cartilage in your spinal cord. Slowly you have to inhale and exhale that helps you to realise the true benefits of this exercise. Do this for 2-3 times and you can explore how it helps you to grow making your life full of joy and happiness that gives you the ultimate pleasure.

Pelvic Shift

The Pelvic Shift is another good exercise, which stretches your spine and lower hips. This is one of the best exercises
helping you to grow taller. To do this, first lie down on your shoulder with your arms on the floor. Keep your knees bent and slowly lift your hips and torso up the ground. Hold this position for 30-40 seconds. Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times to experience all good results.

Triangle Pose

Next, you can practise the triangle pose, which is another effective exercise to increase effectively. It strengthens the hamstring, calves, hips, spine and groin. And it even helps you to get rid of stress and thus you can lead a better way of life exploring the true peace. If you are suffering from back pain then also this exercise helps you to feel the comfort. This posture improves your digestion and thus you can now enjoy eating without any worries.

The Dog Pose

The downward facing dog pose stretches the legs, feet, arms shoulders and spine. People who are suffering from fatigue and insomnia can experience good results practising this particular yoga posture. Keep the feet at a distance of 4 feet from the other feet. Move on with your right foot to 90 degrees and your left foot to 15 degrees. You need to keep both the arms straight and in one line touching your right hand reaching your right ankle. The other arm would be straight up in the air. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and make sure you breathe normally. Then, do the same posture for other side and repeat 2 times o both sides. While practising you should remember the distances and angles to get the suitable results in real time that would make you feel confident.

Table Top Exercise

Table Top is the most effective exercise to increase height. But it’s quite difficult and needs good practise to do it perfectly. It helps you to make the back muscles stronger and it works well for increasing height. For practising, press your hands on the feet touching the ground and slowly lift your body up resembling the shape of a table. Stay in this position for about 20 seconds and the return back to normal condition. Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times and you can explore how it helps you to increase your height naturally that help you to feel that power inside yourself.

Cat and Cow Stretch

Cat and Cow Stretch is another effective way to increase your body height. It’s the best exercise to warm-up and also
tones your body muscles helping you to increase height. To practise, keep your breathing normal, lower your head towards the ground and then draw your pelvis staying in the same position. Repeat this for at least 15 times and you can feel the warmth inside your body. It strengthens your shoulders, chest, back and arms that helps you to feel relieved from all stress and confusions. Make sure you practise this posture under a skilled trainer and thus can do it in the right way.

Seated Tow Touch

Seated toe touch is the one you shouldn’t miss. Here, you would have the legs stretched in front with the toes joined. You need to hold this position for 5-10 seconds and then get back to the normal sitting position. Practise this stretching exercise for 15-20 times and you acne explore how it helps you to grow achieving the desired height.


Taken as a whole, these are the exercises and once you start practicing, you can find the true effectiveness of these postures helping your body to gain the height normally.

Check out the following video about Height increasing exercises on Youtube channel “HowToGrowTallerForU” telling how to do them.