Do these Simple things to Stay Fit and Away from Diseases

The modern world has brought many cures to the age-old diseases like plague, rabies, small pox, pneumonia etc. However, a lot of new diseases and syndromes like tumor, cancer, AIDS, etc are some of the worst diseases that are spread around the world. However, the most recent and widely affecting disease of the modern century is obesity. It has become a usual thing with most of us, especially with people who are made to spend the majority of the time in the seated position. Many people want to keep themselves fit and go for the most common stay fit methods like joining a gym or running club or a yoga class. While all these are extremely effective in making our lives better, they also require a lot of motivation, effort and a complete routine to follow. It is hard for everyone to maintain such high levels of motivation, particularly, when their personal life and work are very demanding in nature. That’s why, these steps fail almost always for people who want to reduce their weight or simply want to stay fit. Instead of doing such things that require a lot of motivation and constant effort, people should actually concentrate on the smaller things that can impact their life in the long term.

If you’re someone who is busy and always looking to do the simple yet effective things to stay fit and away from the diseases, this post is for you. Here is our list of simple things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and away from diseases.

Bath in Cold Water

Almost everyone in the temperate and cold countries take bath in the hot water as it is very comforting. While taking a hot water bath is very helpful in relieving stress and tiredness, after a day of work, taking bath in hot water in the morning can be detrimental to your health. On the other hand, cold water reduces the body temperature and increases your body temperature by burning the body fat. Even if you shiver for some time, you will slowly get used to taking bath in cold water. It starts the day with the burning of fat. In the morning time, when you have not taken any food, it is easier for the body to burn the fat and hence in reducing the weight.

Reduce Salt, Sugar, Caffeine and Soda Content in Your Intake

Salt and sugar are the most important ingredients of our daily food. However, these two things are also responsible for an increasing body weight and blood pressure. High fat percentage and blood pressure are not conducive for a healthy body. So, reduce the amount of salt and sugar that you consume daily. Over the period of time, it will help you to reach a better physique. Also reduce the intake of coffee and soda. If you absolutely need to have something sweet, have some honey in your coffee but only in moderate amount.

Walk or Cycle to Workplace
Instead of spending a separate time in cycling or jogging, you can go to your work place by cycle or by walking. This will help you in forming the routine in life and over the period of time, your body will start to lose a lot of extra fat and weight. In fact, it is also better for the environment as you cut down the extra cost of fuel used.

Sleep Without Covering Yourself

While it is the common practice to use a bed sheet or a duvet to cover you in the bed, try sleeping for a couple of days without covering yourself. The cold temperature will ensure that you burn up a lot of energy. All the energy is derived from the stored fat molecules in our body. As a result, you end up reducing your body weight easily.

Adopt to these simple yet effective things, especially in case when you are too busy with your work and don’t get time for a gym or an open workout session.

If you can spare sometime for yourself, you can do some home exercises that requires no gym equipment but your motivation only. Check out the following post with by Barbara Russi Sarnataro discussing about various exercises that you can do everyday.

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No matter what! Your life is important than anything else. If you adopt to a better lifestyle, you will see the difference. All you need is a self motivation (which may be difficult initially-we know) and once you get familiar with a normal workout routine, you begin to enjoy life. It becomes stress free as well.