How Regular Physical Workouts Effect Our Health Positively

There is not a single benefit associated with regular physical activity. Instead there are uncountable ones. Doing exercises on routine basis makes our body healthier, improves out heart rate, detoxify and improves longetivity. Our brain becomes sharp, focused with an increased productivity on work and its response time decreases which enable us to make smart decisions quickly. There are a lot of benefits associated with regular physical activity that we’re going to cover in this post.

Weight Lose

All of us know that exercises help losing excess weight and if done regularly, we become fit and fine. And when you’re fit and your weight remains under control, your risk of getting diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure decreases. If you’re planning to start exercising make sure to seek some advice from an expert nutritionist regarding your diet patterns. Depending upon body type, diet is an important factor when we talk about losing inches of excess fat around our tummy. A sort of good diet and regular exercising really helps with weight control aims.

Some of the common weight lose exercising are Cycling, Running, W-Leg lift, Jump Squats. Initially these (except cycling and running) can be done for 30 seconds only and you’ll shortly begin to see the results.

 Bone Strengthening

Exercising is also associated with good bone health. The whole skeleton in our body gets developed by the age of 20 years and after 30 years, bone loss gradually increases as the part of a natural ageing process. When we engage ourselves in any regular physical exercise, including those which are bone friendly, it keeps our bones strong and lowers bone loss.

There are a number of high impact exercises that strengthen the bone such as running, jumping and those which jolts the skeleton including spine and hips. Start these physical exercises before getting into your 30’s and we assure you will reduce the risk of bone weakening.



Improves Brain Functioning and Mental Health

Physical workout helps improve brain functioning and mental health by activating brain tissues and muscles. It improves the blood flow to all brain parts thus the functioning and other thought processes improves. Workouts also release a chemical in our brain called “endorphins”. This is the reason we feel relaxed after doing running, cycling or any other exercise. If you’re a beginner we advise you to start with some moderate exercises like running, cycling and once you get in routine, you can also go with other advance exercise that are really helpful for brain and the whole body together.

Prevent Diseases and Keeps You Fit

To stay fit, it is not mandatory to do multiple exercises. Indeed, you can also start with running for 30 minutes. Running alone can help you with prevention of various diseases and is enough to keep you fit. Once you have made enough stamina, you can start doing other exercises and lead a great life towards a healthy lifestyle. There are even proven studies on “How exercising is essential to stay away from diseases”.

For Back Pain

Regular Exercises also help with back pain by increasing muscle power, flexibility and posture.

Improved Heart and Lung Functioning

Regular physical exercises strengthen the functioning of our heart and lung. When we engage ourselves in exercising, the heart pumps more blood to lungs and other body parts meaning an increased blood flow to muscles and the oxygen levels in blood also increases.

Studies also suggest that exercising or even a simple walk for 30 minutes makes the functioning of these two main organs better and reduces our chances of cardiovascular problems.

Better Productivity

Exercising helps to keep the energy levels high which play an important
role in terms of the level of productivity for any work you do. Exercises simply make you physically active, enhance your inner personality and make you
mentally and emotionally stronger. Also your focus power increases. You can focus on any of the tasks with high level of concentration. Distraction goes away when you switch to physical workout.

Exercises Also Reduce the Risk of Some cancers

Workout keeps us fit, healthy and away from infections and diseases. And when we are physically fit, the chances of getting a deadly disease such as Cancer are minimised. Exercising can help us stay away from some cancers such as Colon cancer, Breast Cancer (in females), endometrial and lung cancer. Exercising even plays an important role in the life of those suffering from Cancer. It improves quality of life.

There are a lot of positive factors involved with regular physical exercising that play an important role in improving our lifestyle. In today’s busy life, a lot of people are not able to spare sometime for exercising but if you can spare, it will be a life changing thing. Once you get into the routine, you begin to feel the difference between the previous and the present lifestyle. Some studies also suggest the positive effects of physical exercises on our genes and nothing can be better than this!

Watch the following video on Youtube by Bren Kitt, talking about the positive effects of exercises.