10 Tips to Reduce Morbid Obesity

Morbid obesity is a situation in which your body’s mass index is higher than 35. A person is considered to have morbid obesity when he/she is 100 pounds more than his/her ideal weight. Obesity is a chronic condition and there is no known cure for this, but it can be definitely reduced and controlled by following some basic tips. There is a device known as BMI calculator which measures body fat. It measures if you are overweight, super obese or severely obese. Anyone can use it to measure their own body fat. Here are 10 tips that you can follow to reduce morbid obesity.

Change your diet

The most common strategy used for weight loss is reducing the intake of calories. Whether you are 50 pounds or 100 pounds overweight, cutting up to 1000 calories per day can help you in maintaining weight. A dietitian can assist you in telling what is safe and what is not for losing weight. Mostly fatty foods and foods with high level of sugar can be avoided. You can start eating the foods which are low in calories. it helps in reducing morbid obesity.

Less alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is neither good for your health nor your weight. Alcohol also contains calories in it and it is important to cut it off if you want to lose weight. Alcohol also increases your diet and makes you eat more than your regular diet. Plan days when you can take a break from drinking and start drinking a little less.


Exercise is important if you are suffering from morbid obesity. It puts pressure on your joints and helps you lose your weight. Exercising daily also helps in burning your calories and it decreases blood pressure. Exercise daily and you will lose your weight, maybe in months or earlier.

Quit smoking

If you smoke then quit smoking. It is believed that smoking makes you gain weight. Nicotine is a component in cigarettes which suppresses your appetite and has numerous side effects. So stop smoking right away if you want to lose weight and make a better appetite.


Eat three meals every day. Have a heavy breakfast and eat light during dinner. It is recommended to eat less during the night because your body doesn’t burn many calories at night and it may get stored while you are sleeping. Start having three balanced meals every day to reduce morbid obesity.

Never give up

Don’t give up on reducing morbid obesity. Some people think that having morbid obesity is because of their genes. It is important not to give up and work on reducing morbid obesity. You just need to have a balanced diet.
Avoid the popular weight loss methods. Ignore all the instant weight loss methods as they include bad diet, pills and many more things which are not good for your health. Sometimes these techniques can have major side-effects, and you can gain more weight. So, avoid these weight loss methods, if you want to reduce morbid obesity.


Lack of sleep changes the hormones which control hunger. The condition when your sleep is interrupted affects the people who are overweight. You have to relax and rest as per needed.

Consider medication

If exercise and diet are not helping you, then don’t be ashamed to take extra help. Talk to your doctor about your morbid obesity and take additional medication. Make this your last option, if nothing else is working. It is better to consult a doctor when you are suffering from extreme morbid obesity.

Don’t take stress

Stop taking stress about your morbid obesity. If you will take the stress, then it will lead you to overeating. Chronic stress can increase your diet and will not help you in maintaining your weight. So if you want to get rid of morbid obesity, then stop taking the stress.

Obesity is a disease which brings lot of other diseases along with it, and morbid obesity is a condition of obesity which arises when the obesity gets out of control. It can be very dangerous for your life as it is the main root for so many health problems. So it is better to control and get over it. Follow the above given tips and you can surely come out of the critical situation of morbid obesity. You can also join some of the best personal training clubs around you for your betterment.


Are you tired of your pear-shaped body and would love to reduce a few pounds and flaunt those toned legs? Many of you would love to sport the gorgeous little black dress, skirts, capris but the lacking self-confidence makes you settle for the clothes that cover your legs, and you vow only to grab jeans or pants. The thickness of calves and ankles more than they should be is embarrassing and enough to slaughter your desires to carry the sexy look as that highlights your “problem areas”.
If you wish to attain this surreal dream of toned and slim calves and ankles, here is a list which includes 10 ways that you can follow and flaunt like a diva.

  1. Watch your diet

Bethenny Frankel got it right when she said “Your diet is a bank account. Healthy food choices are good investments”. It is important to intake proper nutrition and cut few things off to reach the goal. In this case, Sodium is your culprit, and you need to reduce the use of salt shaker as much as possible. When we consume too much sodium purposefully or not, our body retains more water and makes the parts of our body look “plumper” than usual.
Results of reduced sodium content in the diet is instant, and you would be able to make out the difference immediately.

  1. Are you drinking enough water?

To have slim calves and ankles, you need to start drinking more water. It is advisable to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water for overall good health, but one doesn’t realise that they are not drinking water and the body goes into self-preservation mode to save water for further use. So if you drink sufficient water, body move out of its self-preservation mode and releases water. As soon as the body starts releasing water, you start observing changes in your calves and ankles.

  1. Are you following a correct workout?

We start to gym with the intent to reduce fat of a particular part of the body but unfortunately the thoroughly planned plan can quickly backfire and your calves and ankles end up getting larger. The reason being, sadly, no exercise can burn the fat of a desired part of the body. Once you start working on a particular part instead of shredding fat, you end up building muscle making them appear bulkier.

  1. Exercises to avoid

For your desired legs there are certain exercises and machines you should avoid like the plague when you start working out or enroll in a gym. Avoid adventures like rock climbing or sprinting. The activities that primarily call for strength or speed should be prevented as intense cardio would eventually develop calves muscle instead of slimming them.

  1. Why don’t you give it a try?

Running is a potent progression when it comes to slim calves and ankles. Try to follow the technique of endurance running, which means run slow, but for a longer distance. Endurance running and cardio burns the fat from the entire body and slims down the calves and ankle fat keeping them toned and firm. Yoga, swimming, walking, cross training are excellent exercises to begin the workout.

  1. Watch the way you walk

Your way of walking determines the shape of your legs. For slim calves and ankles, you need to keep the heels down and should strictly avoid walking on the ball of your feet.

  1. Include dark stockings in your collection.

It is the time for you to add several pairs of dark stocking in your collection and the best part of it is you can team it up with dresses and skirts. The dark color makes your calves look thinner and toned. You can even try wearing the stockings a shade darker than your skin tone. This trick would create an illusion of slim legs without destroying the look of the dress.

  1. Sunless tan trick

It’s hard to wear stockings all the time, and hot weather makes it a dreadful experience. So the excellent alternative of the stocking is to sport the same visual trick by self-tanning lotion. The illusion will be same as that of the stocking without feeling trapped and sweaty.

The trick is easy to execute as the lotion works overnight and creates a very light tan all over, tan has been a shade darker for calves and ankles. Ta-da all they see is toned and skinny legs.

  1. Choose your Shoes wisely

The choice of words might seem offbeat, but your selection of the footwear does matter when the case is about your legs. Good shoes take you to right places. They either build or break an outfit, so a right shoe does matter to make your calves and ankles look skinner and slimmer.
For a slimmer look, avoid wearing flats, kitten heels, a shoe with ankle strap and chunky heels, rather, try teaming a dark colored shoe with a narrow heel or a dark-colored flat show without the ankle strap.

  1. The right skirt does magic

Yes, you have heard it right. It is time for you to come out of your cocoon and try the bold and flirty look. The right choice of a skirt for slim calves and ankles is full skirts that flow when you move. The only thing to be cautious is the skirt should not end on your calves or ankles. The choices to avoid are body tight and slim fit skirts. You can even sport mini-skirt or maxi-shirt, just the end of the skirt should be your best-looking part.

We wish we could say that it doesn’t matter how your legs look then we would be lying. It’s time to buckle up the seats and start the bumpy ride and “earn” yourself the respect to see yourself in the full mirror with admiration and confidence.

Check out more ways to slim down calves and ankles on ww.life4fitmama.com

8 Pre-Workout Foods that Will Act as a Plus to Your Exercises

Our body and a machine are quite similar; they both need necessary fuel to keep running. Hence, a before workout food must have adequate amount of carbs, protein, fiber and healthy fats. It will help your body to undergo the adversity of an intense workout. The consumption of protein and carbohydrate should be in the ratio of 4:1.

Here is the list of 8 foods to eat prior to your workout session:


Oatmeal is food that is boosted with proteins, carbs, minerals and healthy fats. Also, it is rich in fiber as well. Oatmeal is a perfect pre-workout food especially for those who work out in the morning and don’t have time to make breakfast before 1-2 hours prior the workout. Oats settle quickly without making you feel bloated. They take the time to digest therefore keeps your stomach satisfied for a long period. Plus the fruits and berries will keep you hydrated throughout your exercise session.


Sprouts and legumes are the snacks that are enriched with nutrients. Sprouts are loaded with vitamin C, and K, fibers, proteins, and minerals. Sprouts are rich in complex carbohydrates that take time in breaking down and thus provide you energy for a long time. Sprouts are ideal for consuming 1-2 hours before your workout.


When you are running short on time and don’t have time to make a breakfast; try fruit smoothies. You can make a fruit smoothie in seconds and have it on your way to the gym. However, go for fruit that is rich in glycemic indexes such as banana, mango, watermelon, and pineapple. The carbohydrate in the fruits breaks down quickly so you can have instant energy and the proteins help in regulating the muscle damage.


Bananas are a powerhouse of fuel that supply energy throughout the day and hence ensure proper body functioning. It is one of the best sources of potassium, carbohydrate, and manganese that prevents that muscle cramps stimulates faster healing and strengthen the bones and endurance. Have a banana with a cup of yogurt one hour before hitting the gym.


Whole grain bread is one of the great sources of carbohydrate that needs absolutely no preparation. Pair it with some hardboiled egg, few turkey sliced, or honey and you have carbohydrate plus proteins. It is a good pre-workout food for muscles development.


Greek yogurt is pumped with proteins; that keep the muscles energized during the workout session. Additionally, it is easy to digest. It is ideal for the days when you want to go for an intense workout, but you don’t feel like cooking. It is also good for those who have the sensitive stomach. It also contains the high level of carbohydrates that gives you the extra energy.


Eggs are one of the greatest sources of proteins and minerals. Of course, it is easy and quick to cook eggs too. You can have them hard boiled or scrambled. In fact, here you can also have the yolks as they stimulate the HDL level in blood and therefore protect the heart.


As caffeine is a great source of energy, it can be ideal as a pre-workout snack. Caffeine burns the stored fat instead of carbohydrates to extract energy. They also help in preventing muscle soreness after the workout. You will find caffeine in many products such as chocolates, tea, drinks, etc., but it is better to have a black coffee before going to the gym.

Most people are also not sure about the eating plans for pre and post workout schedules. This post at Wikihow can help you with that. Click www.wikihow.com for more information.



Do these Simple things to Stay Fit and Away from Diseases

The modern world has brought many cures to the age-old diseases like plague, rabies, small pox, pneumonia etc. However, a lot of new diseases and syndromes like tumor, cancer, AIDS, etc are some of the worst diseases that are spread around the world. However, the most recent and widely affecting disease of the modern century is obesity. It has become a usual thing with most of us, especially with people who are made to spend the majority of the time in the seated position. Many people want to keep themselves fit and go for the most common stay fit methods like joining a gym or running club or a yoga class. While all these are extremely effective in making our lives better, they also require a lot of motivation, effort and a complete routine to follow. It is hard for everyone to maintain such high levels of motivation, particularly, when their personal life and work are very demanding in nature. That’s why, these steps fail almost always for people who want to reduce their weight or simply want to stay fit. Instead of doing such things that require a lot of motivation and constant effort, people should actually concentrate on the smaller things that can impact their life in the long term.

If you’re someone who is busy and always looking to do the simple yet effective things to stay fit and away from the diseases, this post is for you. Here is our list of simple things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and away from diseases.

Bath in Cold Water

Almost everyone in the temperate and cold countries take bath in the hot water as it is very comforting. While taking a hot water bath is very helpful in relieving stress and tiredness, after a day of work, taking bath in hot water in the morning can be detrimental to your health. On the other hand, cold water reduces the body temperature and increases your body temperature by burning the body fat. Even if you shiver for some time, you will slowly get used to taking bath in cold water. It starts the day with the burning of fat. In the morning time, when you have not taken any food, it is easier for the body to burn the fat and hence in reducing the weight.

Reduce Salt, Sugar, Caffeine and Soda Content in Your Intake

Salt and sugar are the most important ingredients of our daily food. However, these two things are also responsible for an increasing body weight and blood pressure. High fat percentage and blood pressure are not conducive for a healthy body. So, reduce the amount of salt and sugar that you consume daily. Over the period of time, it will help you to reach a better physique. Also reduce the intake of coffee and soda. If you absolutely need to have something sweet, have some honey in your coffee but only in moderate amount.

Walk or Cycle to Workplace
Instead of spending a separate time in cycling or jogging, you can go to your work place by cycle or by walking. This will help you in forming the routine in life and over the period of time, your body will start to lose a lot of extra fat and weight. In fact, it is also better for the environment as you cut down the extra cost of fuel used.

Sleep Without Covering Yourself

While it is the common practice to use a bed sheet or a duvet to cover you in the bed, try sleeping for a couple of days without covering yourself. The cold temperature will ensure that you burn up a lot of energy. All the energy is derived from the stored fat molecules in our body. As a result, you end up reducing your body weight easily.

Adopt to these simple yet effective things, especially in case when you are too busy with your work and don’t get time for a gym or an open workout session.

If you can spare sometime for yourself, you can do some home exercises that requires no gym equipment but your motivation only. Check out the following post with WebMd.com by Barbara Russi Sarnataro discussing about various exercises that you can do everyday.

No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home

You want to get fit. But you don’t want to join a health club — it’s too expensive, there’s no gym convenient to you, or maybe you’re just the independent type. Or perhaps you’re already… Read more here…


No matter what! Your life is important than anything else. If you adopt to a better lifestyle, you will see the difference. All you need is a self motivation (which may be difficult initially-we know) and once you get familiar with a normal workout routine, you begin to enjoy life. It becomes stress free as well.

Exercises to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a pancreatic disorder caused due to many factors ranging from high sugar consumption, family background and even the stress that our generation is facing to meet the challenges related to our day to day life.

Diabetes dramatically influences the way our body work. As the problem becomes older, it further gives birth to other health problems. Anxiety, feeling low and hungry most of the time, obesity and dizziness, these are the situations that a diabetic person often goes through. It also leads to high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure which can be the major cause of a stroke or heart disease. All in all, living with the problem of Diabetes is not easy.

If you’re someone who is diabetic, making a certain lifestyle changes can help you recover with the problem. Exercising and a planned diet are among the proven ways not just to cure the problem, but also keep you stay away from diabetes. In this post, we have gathered our list of best exercises that you can switch to, to control diabetes and even prevent it.


Walking is always helpful for individuals with Diabetes. Not just it is a low intensity practise, but on the same side effective as well. 20-40 minutes walking a day may help you control your diabetes. All you need to do is to make it a point of sparing some time for yourself everyday and the results you will get will be great. You will begin to see the improvements soon which will also keep you motivated for longer stints.


If you are looking for a light yet effective exercise you can also consider cycling as your best light workout option. Cycling increases your stamina, keeps your heart rate better and also takes your sugar levels to normal positions. It also prevents someone from getting this tiring disorder.

Light running

Running is always a good option for someone who is diabetic. Running boosts your energy levels in the brain, increases stamina and burns excess fat from your body which in turn helps you maintain your weight. Weight is the biggest factor that causes diabetes. If it is controlled, you stay fit and away from diabetes. So start doing running today to recover from diabetes.


Another easily available workout option is skipping. All you need is a skipping rope and a perfect space where you can do it easily. No matter where, the in house Balcony, your home’s roof top, a garden or any other comfort zone you like. Just do it wherever you want and skipping alone is enough to help you with the situation of Diabetes.

Once you start doing any of these workouts, you may have some difficulties in the beginning. But once become adhered to the routine, thins will become easier and you will start involving more into these kinds of sessions and enjoy every day physical activities.

Not to forget to check out the following post about “what should you eat” available with Wikipedia.

Diabetic diet

Diabetic diet refers to the diet that is recommended for people with diabetes mellitus or high blood glucose. There is much disagreement regarding what this diet should consist of. Since carbohydrate is the macronutrient that raises blood glucose levels most significantly, the greatest…Read more here…

Besides, you also have to ensure a few things in mind like eating right things, avoid eating sugary and junk foods, and always have monthly checkups to track the progress of your efforts. Right diet along with exercising delivers great results and helps you not just recover from Diabetes, but prevent it in the future as well.

Exercises for a Better Heart

Every person wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this concern, the first thing is to manage a healthy heart that would give you the confidence. Along with a proper diet you need to practice some exercises that would aid you to maintain a perfect functioning of your heart. In whatever way you start you should consult with a cardiologist who can suggest you the good postures according to your health conditions. In this way, you can improve the overall quality of life that would make you feel happy in real time. Also, adjust the timing ensuring that you can realise the best results free from any side effects.

Some Popular Exercises for Good Heart Health

Here are mentioned some popular exercises that would give you a better health:

Aerobic/Cardiovascular Exercises

These types of exercises help you to get rid of stress and thus your heart would function properly helping you to explore a better lifestyle. It helps your body improving the way of getting oxygen and thus you can feel good, with a refreshing ambiance. You can thus perform any activity for a longer time and won’t feel the shortage of breathe after sometime, which is really beneficial for your health.

Brisk Walking

Is another good way to control your heart health. Wear the walking shoes that would give you the maximum comfort
and you can walk without any worries. You may use a treadmill or any other device but there is no alternative for brisk walking. It’s the natural way to improve your fitness and you can feel confident since your heart would function properly. For brisk walking, you can maintain a moderate walking intensity that would help you to avoid too much pressure on your heart. In this way, you can explore the real time benefits of this brisk walking.


This is another good physical exercise that keeps your heart healthy. It also helps you to lose extra calories and thus you can stay more fit performing well in life. You can start with brisk walking and add 1-2 minutes of running after every 5 minute of walking. You can thus reduce the risk of heart disease and you can move on in life confidently since you know you are completely fit and fine. Later on, you can increase the time of running and instead of brisk walking you can practice running discovering the treasures of a good health.


This exercise tones the lower part of your body and
you can thus feel relaxed with your heart working in the right
way. The core muscles also get relaxed and you can feel the true comfort inside your body. Once, your heart starts pumping you can gather strength that would aid you to feel stronger and can explore the courage to fight the difficulties in life. Have a Cycle, have a better life!


Don’t forget about swimming, which raises your heart rate and also improves the overall heart health. Water offers multi directional resistance and thus you can feel good since your heart stay fit and your body functions well. Instead of floating lazily, it’s better to face the challenges in water that would help you to improve your health with your heart beats going faster.


An important thing to consider before and after workout. Before you
begin the exercises, do some stretching that would help your body to warm up. You can start it gently and it won’t hurt you. In this way, you can begin the practice and make sure the stretches are effective fir your body type. Stretching in the end of the workout also helps our muscles better relax.

Circuit Training

This is another great sitting posture, which improves your heart health. It enhances the fitness of your cardiovascular health and now you can perform all the bustles at your ease. With an interval of every 3 minute of a cardio, you can do 1 stretching that gives you the ultimate benefit. It improves your muscular strength and you can discover the true benefits that would help your body to function properly.

Weight Training

Practising the weight training exercises you can gain effective body mass and it also keeps your heart in a better condition. However, make sure you choose the weights, which your body can adjust without any intricacies.

So, these are the basic exercises you can practice in order to ensure a good heart health, which helps you to led a high quality of life. However, you should practice under an expert who knows how to do the stretching ensuring that you won’t get hurt. It’s always important to pay attention that you are not injured and thus you have find a suitable institute from where you can get the training. While doing the pushups you should be well aware that you do it in the right way that helps you to realise the maximum benefits.

After you finish, always take some rest before you get back to your works. Ensure that your breathing and heart rate comes to normal and thus you can start working without any worries. Along with the exercises, you also need to maintain a proper diet that boosts up the overall heart functionality. It’s better to avoid too much oil in food and olive is always the best for your heart. Now, it’s time to begin the practice and you can see how you are becoming confident with your life.

Activities and Exercises for Relieving Stress

Stress is the biggest cause of many health problems. Once takes place in our mind, it becomes the reason of many health related mysteries. Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Mental Disorders, and other relevant disorders are the results of stress. How you can cope with and stay away from stress? Its simply enough. Have some changes in your lifestyle and engage yourself in physical activities and you will not just get rid of stress but also become healthy and more energetic. Here is our list of exercises that can help anyone cope with stress and start living a stress free, healthy lifestyle. Check them out.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a good technique to relieve stress and you can thus carry out all your activities in the right way. Simply, take a break of 5 minutes and then start focusing on your breathing. Sit up straight, close your eyes and start breathing slowly. Deep breathing counters the effect of stress and thus you can make life easier full of joy and happiness. Slowly inhale and exhale through your nose and you can realize the true benefits of this practice.

Tai chi

Tai chi is another nice practice that helps you to avoid stress making life miserable. It also helps you to prevent some ailments like heart failure, arthritis, low blood pressure and fibromyalgia. Tai chi is also beneficial developing bone density and thus you can manage a better lifestyle with all positive aspects. You can find the true happiness in your life and thus can go ahead eliminating all the difficulties.


Pilates, which is named after the founder this movement Joseph Pilates. It includes a series of mat exercises and you can easily carry out the movements that act as the best stress reliever. These exercises also help your body to build up strength and flexibility due to which you can feel the confidence inside yourself. You can thus get that feel good experience that even serves as the motivation for a better way of life.#

Martial arts

Martial arts is another effective way, which releases energy and thus you can control stress in your life. Also, it helps you to lean self-
defense techniques and thus you can feel confident knowing you can protect yourself in any uncomfortable situation. It teaches self-discipline and can give your life a new start with all suitable options.


Kickboxing is the powerful way to reduce stress and also gives you the true confidence. Learning the punching and kicking movements, you can lead life in your way free from any stress or discomfort. It even improves your balance and self-coordination ensuring that you can now feel safe.

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports are another good physical activity, which aids you to eliminate stress from your body and mind.
You can play football, basketball or soccer that would be helpful for you to manage a better standard of living. You can find a little harder to play these games but gradually you can feel the goodness of the activities.


Jogging or walking in the morning for at least 30 minutes is another helpful way to reduce stress. You can repeat this practice for 3-5 times in a week and you can see the results in real time. Slowly, you can feel how it helps you to discover the good things that help you to begin your life once again. It gives you the true courage to build up a suitable lifestyle where everything seems beautiful and you can explore the real comfort.


Mediation is the best way that relaxes your soul and you can feel refreshed. It helps you to gain energy that would be useful to manage all the daily activities efficiently. You can seek help of a yoga guru who knows the techniques and can suggest you the suitable ones that would relieve the specific stress symptoms. It’s a good form of mental exercise and helps you to relieve stress eradicating the problem from the root.

Aerobic Exercises

Next, aerobic exercises are the key for a good health and also you can experience a better heart functioning properly. It improves your metabolism and you can feel good with your heart functioning well that helps you to get the spirits. The exercises give you the emotional benefits and you would forget stress enjoying life at it’s best.

Muscle Relaxing Exercises

Your muscles always get stresses. Practising the muscles relaxation exercises you can easily stay away from daily stress. As compared to deep breathing, you may require some more time to learn this muscle relaxing technique. But once you know it you can find how easily you can make your body relaxed. Tighten your muscles and hold it for 20 seconds. Then slowly release it and you can experience the feel inside your body. The tension and contractions are also released that’s the most useful way to manage your stress control program.

So, you can get a clear view of all the good exercises, which you can practice in order to manage stress making life beautiful. In this way, you can explore the World with all beneficial options that give you the ultimate courage to go ahead in life. Your trainer would be the one who can suggest the exercises for you and accordingly you can perform experiencing the better results in real time.

How Regular Physical Workouts Effect Our Health Positively

There is not a single benefit associated with regular physical activity. Instead there are uncountable ones. Doing exercises on routine basis makes our body healthier, improves out heart rate, detoxify and improves longetivity. Our brain becomes sharp, focused with an increased productivity on work and its response time decreases which enable us to make smart decisions quickly. There are a lot of benefits associated with regular physical activity that we’re going to cover in this post.

Weight Lose

All of us know that exercises help losing excess weight and if done regularly, we become fit and fine. And when you’re fit and your weight remains under control, your risk of getting diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure decreases. If you’re planning to start exercising make sure to seek some advice from an expert nutritionist regarding your diet patterns. Depending upon body type, diet is an important factor when we talk about losing inches of excess fat around our tummy. A sort of good diet and regular exercising really helps with weight control aims.

Some of the common weight lose exercising are Cycling, Running, W-Leg lift, Jump Squats. Initially these (except cycling and running) can be done for 30 seconds only and you’ll shortly begin to see the results.

 Bone Strengthening

Exercising is also associated with good bone health. The whole skeleton in our body gets developed by the age of 20 years and after 30 years, bone loss gradually increases as the part of a natural ageing process. When we engage ourselves in any regular physical exercise, including those which are bone friendly, it keeps our bones strong and lowers bone loss.

There are a number of high impact exercises that strengthen the bone such as running, jumping and those which jolts the skeleton including spine and hips. Start these physical exercises before getting into your 30’s and we assure you will reduce the risk of bone weakening.



Improves Brain Functioning and Mental Health

Physical workout helps improve brain functioning and mental health by activating brain tissues and muscles. It improves the blood flow to all brain parts thus the functioning and other thought processes improves. Workouts also release a chemical in our brain called “endorphins”. This is the reason we feel relaxed after doing running, cycling or any other exercise. If you’re a beginner we advise you to start with some moderate exercises like running, cycling and once you get in routine, you can also go with other advance exercise that are really helpful for brain and the whole body together.

Prevent Diseases and Keeps You Fit

To stay fit, it is not mandatory to do multiple exercises. Indeed, you can also start with running for 30 minutes. Running alone can help you with prevention of various diseases and is enough to keep you fit. Once you have made enough stamina, you can start doing other exercises and lead a great life towards a healthy lifestyle. There are even proven studies on “How exercising is essential to stay away from diseases”.

For Back Pain

Regular Exercises also help with back pain by increasing muscle power, flexibility and posture.

Improved Heart and Lung Functioning

Regular physical exercises strengthen the functioning of our heart and lung. When we engage ourselves in exercising, the heart pumps more blood to lungs and other body parts meaning an increased blood flow to muscles and the oxygen levels in blood also increases.

Studies also suggest that exercising or even a simple walk for 30 minutes makes the functioning of these two main organs better and reduces our chances of cardiovascular problems.

Better Productivity

Exercising helps to keep the energy levels high which play an important
role in terms of the level of productivity for any work you do. Exercises simply make you physically active, enhance your inner personality and make you
mentally and emotionally stronger. Also your focus power increases. You can focus on any of the tasks with high level of concentration. Distraction goes away when you switch to physical workout.

Exercises Also Reduce the Risk of Some cancers

Workout keeps us fit, healthy and away from infections and diseases. And when we are physically fit, the chances of getting a deadly disease such as Cancer are minimised. Exercising can help us stay away from some cancers such as Colon cancer, Breast Cancer (in females), endometrial and lung cancer. Exercising even plays an important role in the life of those suffering from Cancer. It improves quality of life.

There are a lot of positive factors involved with regular physical exercising that play an important role in improving our lifestyle. In today’s busy life, a lot of people are not able to spare sometime for exercising but if you can spare, it will be a life changing thing. Once you get into the routine, you begin to feel the difference between the previous and the present lifestyle. Some studies also suggest the positive effects of physical exercises on our genes and nothing can be better than this!

Watch the following video on Youtube by Bren Kitt, talking about the positive effects of exercises.

How Yoga Helps Our Body, Mind and the Soul

Yoga is a word originated from the Sanskrit Language and it simply means “to join, to unite”. Since ancient times when there was no availability of any medical treatment, there were other ways to stay fit and alleviate health problems. Yoga to us is gifted by our ancestors. The real purpose of yoga is not just a solution to a health problem but also to train our body and mind to become self observed and aware of our own nature. Yoga lets us realise the real “Who we are”.
Today in this post, we are going to discuss about the changes that Yoga does to our body.

How Yoga Helps Our Body

Unlike bodybuilding, Yoga not just enhances the outer beauty of our body, but it helps us internally as well. It makes our immunity better, is beneficial for our different organs for proper working, soothes out mind and fills it with positivity, makes our body flexible and even may be helpful in alleviating diseases like Alzheimer, Diabetes and even some types of Cancers. There are proven scientific researches that ensure how Yoga can affect our body positively. There are more than thousands of yoga postures and each posture is dedicated to cure a specific or even multiple problems.

Maintains Weight

If you’re an overweight person looking to lose some inches then Yoga can definitely help you. All you need to do is spare some time for practicing yoga postures on regular basis. If you can’t be regular, then doing Yoga will be useless. Some of the weight losing postures that you should do are Crescent (Firms abs, hips, and thighs), Willow (Firms sides of abs), Rocking Boat (Firms abs and back), Hover (Firms shoulders, arms, abs, and back), Chair (Firms butt and thighs).

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

In this life full of stress, Yoga can be your stress relieving buddy. Practising Yoga for a few minutes a day can help you cope with stress and anxiety. Not just that, it gives the much needed energy to your mind to handle difficult situations in easy way. You feel energetic, relaxed, calmer and more productive at your work.
For Immunity
Often seasonal changes are the main cause of a disturbed immunity. Besides, other factors may include altered food patterns, stress, and a hectic lifestyle. Low immunity is also the reason for indigestion. When practised in routine, Yoga has the power to alleviate all these problems and boost immunity.
Yoga helps improve immunity power by strengthening muscles and releasing stress, which is the main cause of such ailments. If you’re the one suffering from low immunity problem, try these Yoga exercises and we’re sure they will help you.

For Mental Wellness

Practicing yoga regularly relaxes and stimulates the brain. As a result, your brain energy increases, the memory improves, and it becomes multitasking and more flexible to cope with stress. Stress simply stays away with yoga in life and when there is no stress in your life, you sleep better, stay fit mentally and make a peaceful every day.

Fights Food Cravings

Yoga is all about breath control exercises and asanas (postures). Many studies suggest that yoga also helps
individuals going through eating disorders by making aware the physical and emotional senses associated with eating. Practicing yoga regularly powers the connection between our mind and the body. This helps us to cope with the situations of food cravings by slowing us down and make better choices.

Detoxifies Our Body

When we practice yoga, muscles and joints are stretched. Besides that, our organs are massaged. Here, yoga ensures the complete supply of blood to every single part of our body which results in toxin flush out and provides nourishment as well. This lead to an improved level of energy, delays ageing and makes the life better.

Increases Concentration and Focus

Focus and concentration are the two important factors responsible for productivity. The individuals lacking power of these both are actually those who are weak at study and their work. Yoga since ancient has been a proven way to
increase the concentration and focus. The various Yoga postures are effective physically as well as mentally and the ones helpful for uplifting concentration and focus are Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, Bhramari Prayanama, Kapal Bharti Prayanama, Bhastrika Prayanama, Brahma Mudra and Gyaan Mudra. All these words are taken from the Sanskrit language.

If done regularly, these postures have enhanced effects on our body. Besides, other factors for lack of concentration involves disturbed food patterns so we must also work on those.

Check out the following Youtube video by The Health Nerd channel, talking about he various benefits  of Yoga on health.

Exercises for Height Increasing

Every person wants to get a perfect height and figure. So, it’s important to know the good things that would help you to manage the desired height. Some easy exercises can be practised that can give you the opportunity to achieve the desired height. For some people growth hormones won’t work properly and it’s said that after one reaches the age of 18 he/she stops growing. But with some exercises you can grow a few inches even after puberty. Also, you should follow a proper diet and lifestyle in order to maximise the results in real time. Usually we know that fruits and vegetables help you to lose weight but they can even aid you to increase your height as well.

Exercises to Practise

Along with foods, exercise is also necessary. The popular exercises, which you can practise are:

Jumping Workouts

Jumping exercises are the good option where your spine gets stretched and helps in increasing height in an effective manner. It also improves the blood supply to your bones increasing the bone density and thus your growth hormones are stimulated. The squat jumps, vertical jumps, spot jumps are the suitable ones that would aid you to grow with a good height making your dreams come true. You can also join an outdoor game which involves frequent jumping such as Basketball, Volleyball

Cobra Stretch

Cobra Stretch is another nice exercise helping you to increase height. It’s a simple posture and won’t make your body gets too much stressed. First, you need to stretch out the spine elongating your body experiencing the desired results. It tones the back muscles, abdomen and even stretches the cartilage in your spinal cord. Slowly you have to inhale and exhale that helps you to realise the true benefits of this exercise. Do this for 2-3 times and you can explore how it helps you to grow making your life full of joy and happiness that gives you the ultimate pleasure.

Pelvic Shift

The Pelvic Shift is another good exercise, which stretches your spine and lower hips. This is one of the best exercises
helping you to grow taller. To do this, first lie down on your shoulder with your arms on the floor. Keep your knees bent and slowly lift your hips and torso up the ground. Hold this position for 30-40 seconds. Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times to experience all good results.

Triangle Pose

Next, you can practise the triangle pose, which is another effective exercise to increase effectively. It strengthens the hamstring, calves, hips, spine and groin. And it even helps you to get rid of stress and thus you can lead a better way of life exploring the true peace. If you are suffering from back pain then also this exercise helps you to feel the comfort. This posture improves your digestion and thus you can now enjoy eating without any worries.

The Dog Pose

The downward facing dog pose stretches the legs, feet, arms shoulders and spine. People who are suffering from fatigue and insomnia can experience good results practising this particular yoga posture. Keep the feet at a distance of 4 feet from the other feet. Move on with your right foot to 90 degrees and your left foot to 15 degrees. You need to keep both the arms straight and in one line touching your right hand reaching your right ankle. The other arm would be straight up in the air. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and make sure you breathe normally. Then, do the same posture for other side and repeat 2 times o both sides. While practising you should remember the distances and angles to get the suitable results in real time that would make you feel confident.

Table Top Exercise

Table Top is the most effective exercise to increase height. But it’s quite difficult and needs good practise to do it perfectly. It helps you to make the back muscles stronger and it works well for increasing height. For practising, press your hands on the feet touching the ground and slowly lift your body up resembling the shape of a table. Stay in this position for about 20 seconds and the return back to normal condition. Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times and you can explore how it helps you to increase your height naturally that help you to feel that power inside yourself.

Cat and Cow Stretch

Cat and Cow Stretch is another effective way to increase your body height. It’s the best exercise to warm-up and also
tones your body muscles helping you to increase height. To practise, keep your breathing normal, lower your head towards the ground and then draw your pelvis staying in the same position. Repeat this for at least 15 times and you can feel the warmth inside your body. It strengthens your shoulders, chest, back and arms that helps you to feel relieved from all stress and confusions. Make sure you practise this posture under a skilled trainer and thus can do it in the right way.

Seated Tow Touch

Seated toe touch is the one you shouldn’t miss. Here, you would have the legs stretched in front with the toes joined. You need to hold this position for 5-10 seconds and then get back to the normal sitting position. Practise this stretching exercise for 15-20 times and you acne explore how it helps you to grow achieving the desired height.


Taken as a whole, these are the exercises and once you start practicing, you can find the true effectiveness of these postures helping your body to gain the height normally.

Check out the following video about Height increasing exercises on Youtube channel “HowToGrowTallerForU” telling how to do them.